"Aran is a focal point for organizations working in Somalia"

Our specialty meals feature fresh seafood (including lobster) served with local and imported produce.

About Aran Guest House

In the Somali language, “aran” refers to the first rainfall that ends a long period of drought and brings bountiful harvests. Somalis commonly use the word to describe any situation or event that instills hope and optimism.

Our Services

Security Escorts
Our registered and vetted security escorts provide safe movement throughout Mogadishu.  Once at your location, our team of highly experienced ex-pat Security Advisors and Somali security guards will provide each guest a secure environment in which to work.

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Aran@pbi2.com or solutions@pbi2.com

+252 618724682 or +252 698724682(Somalia)

+1 406 322 3155 (US/International)